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Yandoo Equestrian Services started in 2008 and has developed its business as a first class equestrian facility, offering services such as agistment, schooling, coaching, buying and selling of horses.

From being involved in the sport on a business level it was evident Australia needed more quality shows. Fixtures that cater to professional riders and focus on maintaining a standard of footing, equipment and competition to provide the highest standard jumping, as well as building a larger spectator following.Our goal is to encourage the general public to come along and enjoy a weekend of fun and leisure, while being entertained with the excitement and colour of the fast paced, action packed world of showjumping, just as happens in the United States and Europe.

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It has been the ambition of the Winning family to create and grow such shows. The first “Showcase of Showjumping” event was held in 2010 at the beautiful Highfields, one of Sydney Polo Club’s boutique polo fields in Richmond.
This will be their 7th show, (the second at this magnificent venue) each one building on the last for size, prestige and public attendance.
We hope you enjoy the weekend, and we thank you for your support.